APTA welcomes everyone who is involved in Polarity Therapy …

…whether you’re a student, a practitioner, an educator, a client, or a colleague in a related field — you are welcome.  What we share in common is a love of Polarity Therapy and an interest in seeing the practice expand & our members flourish.


The American Polarity Therapy Association is a 501c6 non-profit organization that upholds standards of professionalism for the practice and education of Polarity Therapy.  Through our Certification Governing Council, APTA offers Board Certification for qualified practitioners.  APTA also approves training programs, and supports Marketing, Legislative, and Research initiatives on behalf of our members.


What’s in it for me?

  • Professionalism:  Raise the professionalism of your practice or school – APTA defines excellence in the field of Polarity Therapy
  • Visibility: Enjoy a listing in our directory, advertise on our calendar, and publish your news and events through APTA
  • Community: Connect with others in the Polarity community
  • Information: Stay tuned to APTA and Industry news, and the latest Research
  • Protection: Gain access to Liability Insurance at a discounted rate
  • Improvement: Expand knowledge with continuing educational opportunities
  • Influence: Use your voting privileges, and serve on committees that shape our profession.
  • Marketing: Marketing help.. templates, promotional text and the APTA logo for marketing
  • Savings: Enjoy exclusive discounts on certification, supplies, books, consulting services, supplements, web design, and conference fees.

We’re Better Together

  • Standards: APTA’s Standards uphold the integrity of Polarity Therapy.
  • Partnership: We join similar organizations to advance holistic healthcare
  • Legislation: We lobby Legislatures and Licensing Boards to encourage fair regulation.
  • Innovation: Our vision is to enable practitioners to accept health insurance, and to enable work within mainstream healthcare.
  • Support: Our Director of Education supports schools and students.
  • Public Relations: We promote Polarity Therapy in general, and our members in particular.
  • Research: We have a committee that explores avenues for research and connects us to the scientific community.
  • Networking: Through conferences, conference calls, online forums, and social media presence, we create connections to expand the practice.

Ready to Join?

Whether you’re a practitioner, training to become one, or simply interested in supporting the advance of Polarity Therapy, membership is right for you!

"I have always felt welcomed and supported by APTA. My membership has allowed me to be part of a community and to be involved in the future of Polarity Therapy. As a practitioner it's a place to go for support and for resources."

Deb Fox, BCPP, APTA Member since 2003

"APTA to me is about community. I believe in our mission and our work. APTA keeps our community safe and forward-focused as we carry on Dr. Stone's brilliant work."

Johnny Henderson, BCPP, RPE, PdD, Joined 1989

You cannot have a profession without a relationship with an association. APTA has the most complete and well developed Standards I have ever seen, a huge scope of practice based on Dr. Stone's work, with a solid ethics and education system. There is no other Association like it.

Dr. MaryJo Ruggieri, PhD, BCPP, RPE


I already paid my dues for 2016 - how do I log in to gain access to the Member's Area ?

Hit the “Join/ Log In” Button above.  Click on the button that says “Request Password.”  Enter the Email address associated with your APTA Account.  The system will automatically send you a password you can use to log in.  You are then able to change your password in your Account Profile.

I am a BCPP - I heard I need to add 125 Hours of Training in order to keep my BCPP current. Is that true?

No.  Good news!  If you currently a BCPP, you do not need to document additional hours of training; you only need to Recertify every two years as normal, with 15 hours of Continuing Education Credits.

I am currently in a BCPP Training; how many hours are required to take the Exam... 675 hours or 800 hours?

If you graduate in the 2016-2017 school year you will be qualified to take the exam with 675 hours.  All graduates after this school year will need 800 hours to qualify for the exam.

I am an ATM (School Owner); does my BCPP Program need to be 675 Hours or 800 Hours?

This is the last school year that will have 675 hours for a BCPP Training.  All future classes must have 800 hours to take the exam.   In the coming months APTA and the CGC will be holding conversations with ATMs who have BCPP trainings to discuss what the additional 125 hours of content should include.

What are the Current Fees for Membership?

Click the “Join APTA” Button to sign up for membership and view current fees.

I completed an APTA-approved training. Am I able to use a designation (APP, RPP, or RPE) if I'm not a member of APTA?

No.  Associate Polarity Practitioner (APP), Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP), and Registered Polarity Educator (RPE) are membership levels in APTA — they require approval by APTA, and active membership in APTA.  APTA expressly prohibits use of these titles without approval by APTA and active membership.

If I was a BCPP at one time and let my certification lapse, can I still use BCPP as a title?

No. You must re-certify every two years to keep your certification current.  You may not use the title “BCPP” unless you are actively certified through APTA’s Certification Governing Council (CGC).  If your certification lapses after two years and you do not recertify, you will be required to re-apply for certification and take the the BCPP exam again.

I was an RPP-level practitioner. I was told I could no longer use RPP or be a member of APTA unless I became a BCPP. Am I able to join?

Yes.  APTA reinstated the RPP in 2016 as a membership level that indicates completion of advanced training in Polarity Therapy.  The RPP is not Certification, and APTA only recommends independent, professional practice if you are a BCPP.  The RPP is meant to indicate a level of education en route to becoming a BCPP, or may be used for non-professional purposes of self-care, or as an adjunct to other integrative therapies or healthcare professions.


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