APTA is a Home for Polarity Therapy

For 32 years, APTA has provided a foundation for the practice, honoring our roots in Dr. Stone’s work, while reaching toward future innovation and expansion.  Read below to learn more about where we’ve come from, and where we are going…

Our Mission

APTA’s mission is to be of service to as many people in need as possible … to expand opportunities exponentially for practitioners, and make Polarity Therapy a more profitable and viable profession.

Our Story

At the early APTA conferences, there was a great sense of community.  It was all so exciting because it was the beginning of something, and it felt like we could change the world.”  -Marjori Bernstein, Early APTA Board Member

The American Polarity Therapy Association began with a group of pioneers who cared deeply for this unique wellness practice, and wanted to insure its survival and integrity.   Many had been working since the 1970s – students of Dr. Randolph Stone, and his protégé, Pierre Pannetier.  They were seeing incredible results in their clients and wanted to establish the foundation for a profession.

(Photo: Early APTA Board of Directors)

Launching a Profession

APTA was officially launched in 1984 and held our first conference in 1986.  The energy of the first conference felt like APTA had arrived, with friendly faces from all over the country, new connections, and a synergy of like minds working towards a common purpose. We expanded in the following years with a bookstore, regional chapters, and a published directory of practitioners and schools.  APTA’s newsletter connected Polarity Practitioners around the country and the globe.

(Photo: 1986 APTA Conference)

Implementing Standards

As the organization grew, APTA implemented Standards for Education and Practice and a Code of Ethics, which remain the heart of the organization today.   Prior to APTA, there were training programs that issued certificates, but no common credentials for Polarity Therapy.  Eventually APTA began to offer Board Certification, with a Standardized Exam, currently administered by APTA’s Certification Governing Council (CGC).

(Photo: Cindy Rawlinson, one of APTA Founders)

Building Community

The purpose of the organization is more than just upholding standards, though: it brings together a community of individuals for continued learning and mutual support, honoring the spirit of Dr. Stone’s work.  Polarity Therapy is eclectic by nature, drawing upon many different sources… and the individuals who carry on this work are eclectic as well — doctors and chiropractors, psychologists and school teachers, research scientists and yoga enthusiasts, acupuncturist and spiritual seekers.  APTA has space for multiple viewpoints, voices, and perspectives.   What we all agree upon is our love of Polarity Therapy, and our desire to see the practice, and its practitioners, flourish.

(Photo: Late 1990s APTA Conference in Colorado)

Into the Future

Our vision for the future includes:

  • Gaining Accreditation for our Board Certification Program
  • Gathering more Polarity Practitioners under APTA’s umbrella
  • Expanding opportunities for our schools and practitioners
  • Increasing our presence in social media and traditional media
  • Uncovering grant funding and research opportunities
  • Revitalizing our committees and newsletter
  • Continuing to protect our right to practice
  • Improving our office functions and technology.

Please join our efforts!

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APTA’S Standards for Practice & Education are the foundations of professionalism for Polarity Therapy. They are currently under revision and will be uploaded to this website soon.  Here is APTA’s Code of Professional Ethics, which governs Ethical behavior in our organization and practice.


The APTA Foundation is a 501c3 Non Profit that supports research initiatives in Polarity Therapy and the Dr. Stone Award for authors of scholarly works related to Polarity Therapy. Charitable donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible. Checks can be sent to APTA at P.O. Box 10942, Parkville, MD  21234, or credit cards can be accepted by clicking the button below.


The American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) supports legislative changes or developments promoting transformative influences in healthcare and in wellness education. Read more about our legislative efforts here.



Meet Our Board of Directors

Lisa Nemzo BCPP, RPE, CST, MT


Lisa has been a Healing Arts Practitioner since 1985 specializing in Somatic Trauma Release from a physio/emotional nature. Lisa works with couples on communication skills, reflective listening and conflict resolution. She is very active as a professional songwriter, producer, and musician and mentor to young budding artists. She brings creativity, freshness and an experienced voice to the APTA Board of Directors. Lisa’s extensive experience working with groups in building consensus will be an asset to the APTA Board of Directors as we move into the future.

Johnny Henderson, Ph.D., BCPP, RPE, CWC

Vice President

Johnny is a seeker and constant student of energy and conscious development. After leaving corporate training and education he began his career in the healing arts. Polarity Therapy discovered him while he was working on his PhD in Energy Therapies. As a teacher/educator and full-time practitioner of Polarity Therapy he also incorporates Sound Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Color Therapy, AstroHealth, and Medical Aromatherapy into his private practice and training workshops. He has maintained an approved program in Polarity Therapy training since the mid-90’s. Johnny has served APTA in many capacities including Conference Coordinator, Board of Directors, Education Committees, and the inception committee up to the Certification Governing Council (CGC) for APTA’s Board Certification. “

Valerie Bowman, LMSW, BCPP


Valerie was so struck by the impact of her first Polarity Therapy session that she flew halfway across the country every month for three years to study Polarity Therapy with her practitioner’s teachers.  Her previous career has been as a hospital social worker and medical education researcher.  Valerie has long believed in the blending of Eastern and Western modalities for healing and appreciates Dr. Stone’s work and unique merging of different practices.  She brings her social work, administrative and organizational skills to the Board.

Elizabeth Ferrara, BCPP, RPE, ERYT500


Elizabeth brings a background in the business world and variety of energetic studies to her service on the board.  She has a penchant for taking esoteric writings (everything from retail store leases to yoga sutras to Dr. Stone’s works) and unravelling them enough to be understandable and useful for clients and students.  This skill culminated in her decision to make the rest of this life about opening the field for as many people as are interested in learning about, teaching and practicing Polarity Therapy and the Energetic Healing Arts.

Gary B. Strauss, MS, RPP, RPE


Gary is a Master Practitioner and world-famous Polarity Therapy and CranioSacral Unwinding Instructor. He is the founder and director of Life Energy Institute and Polarity Healing Arts of CA. Gary has helped thousands of people find greater health and well-being with his work and mentoring. His educational programs have uplifted many students to greater levels of skill, self-awareness, empowerment and deep understanding of the Principals of Life Energy.

Heather Principe, BSEd, RPE, BCPP, ERYT500


Heather is dedicated to teaching within the paradigm of the Four Directions and the Five Elements.  She has taught Yoga for over 30 years and Polarity Therapy and Cree Medicine for over 25 years to thousands of students worldwide.  Heather also runs retreats in all forms of Energetic Healing.  She is the founder of the Yoga and Polarity Center in New York and co-founder of the Long Island Institute for Yoga Therapy.  She has served the board of IPEA (International Polarity Education Alliance) and faculties of the New Seminary, the International Seminary for Interfaith Studies, the Sivananda Organization, and the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

John Chitty, RPP, RPE, BCPP, RCST


John Chitty operates Colorado School of Energy Studies, established 1992 ( He practices Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Psychotherapy in Boulder, Colorado. He is the author of Working with Babies (2016) and Dancing with Yin and Yang (2013), and co-author of Energy Exercises (1990).  He has served APTA in several ways including five terms as President 1993-1998.

Meet Our Staff

Shelley Drasal

Office Manager

Shelley is the Principle/Virtual Assistant at Your Faithful Assistant, LLC.  She assists Executives, Business Owners, Facilitators and Non-Profit Organizations achieve greater results by providing executive assistance to help them operate more efficiently and effectively in the areas of administration, bookkeeping, and event management.
Shelley joined the support team at APTA in 2016 managing their daily operations.

David Newton

IT Support Services

David assists Non-Profit Organizations and Small Business use technology to get the most out of their investment in hardware, software, online subscriptions. He has been with APTA since late 2015 and provides technical support services for the website and other matters of technology used to manage the day to day operations of APTA.


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