“ENERGY is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms.”

Dr. Randolph Stone


What Is Polarity Therapy?

Following the integrative energy-based therapeutic methods of Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981), Polarity Therapy is a natural health care system based upon the universal principles of energy: attraction, repulsion, and neutrality. The interrelation of these principles forms the basis for every aspect of life, including our experience of health, wellness and disease. With this understanding, Polarity Therapy addresses the interdependence of body, mind, and spirit; the importance of relationships; the value of creating a way of life in harmony with nature. As part of the larger field of Energy Therapy, Polaritycomplements existing systems with an integrated, holistic model. Polarity Therapy is a transformative influence for change in healthcare, wellness education, and complementary and alternative medicine.


Articles are now being accepted for the upcoming ENERGY newsletter that reaches out to Polarity Practitioners, consumers and associated healthcare professionals. 
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About the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA)

Mission: APTA is dedicated to advancing the Art & Science of Polarity Therapy while serving our members with integrity. Our purpose is to enhance health and wellness and promote innovative healthcare through education by way of our training centers and practitioners.

APTA is the primary national organization that supports the promotion and development of its members and the Polarity Therapy profession. An autonomous and self-regulating organizaton founded in 1984, APTA is led by a volunteer Board of Directors to fulfill the following functions:

• set standards of excellence for practice, education, and ethical conduct;

• actively protect the right to practice Polarity Therapy;

• be responsible and accountable to its membership;

• support harmony, diversity, and relationship as essential ingredients to a functional and balanced organization;

• provide a range of member benefits, designed to maximize the potential of the individual member to succeed in the field of Polarity Therapy;

• ensure its long-term success by creating organizational and financial stability.

The Profession

The profession of Polarity Therapy is autonomous, self-regulating, and holistic. Its scope of practice includes energetic approaches to somatic contact, verbal facilitation, nutrition, exercise, and health education.

Entry into the profession requires a thorough knowledge of energetic principles. The course of study includes entry-level and advanced education, with certification programs in basic and advanced topics.

As a profession, Polarity Therapy upholds basic values such as service, diversity, spirituality, the sacredness of relationship, community outreach, accessibility, and the Polarity Therapy professional's continual growth and development.

Future-sighted and research-oriented, Polarity Therapy professionals are both participants and leaders in redefining the health care field.

Polarity energy session for wellness

Click here to watch a short video of a polarity session.




New Application Forms to join APTA are now available with revised fees

Look for these forms in the green main menu box under "APTA Membership Information". Also look for the application for the Polarity Therapy Certification Exam there and under "Certification".



Member Renewals



Renewals for 2014 are now being accepted! Go to the 'Member News' or 'Application and Forms' links after logging into the Members Section for access to the renewal options. Payment can be made online through the APTA bookstore or by contacting the APTA office. Also, we are updating our database so submitting the renewal form is required this year and the information on it can be provided to the APTA office by phone, fax, email, or mail.


Also in the Members Only section, you can read the minutes from Board meetings and the updated Bylaws and Policies. They can both be found under Board Activities. Stay tuned into APTA activities through the link to Member News.

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Member Benefits

APTA members enjoy many benefits including newsletters, advocacy for Polarity Therapy, discounts on liability insurance through MMIP, and discounts on supplies. APTA membership gives you credibility by being part of the Polarity business organization that sets standards and ethics for our profession. In order to use the designation APP, RPP and RPE you are required to be an APTA member. This protects you and our profession. More information about these benefits are available in the Members Only section.

APTA members now receive a discount with Schedulicity, an online scheduling service to help you with your practice. Click the Schedulicity logo below and log in to the member section to learn more.



Etiology by Dr. Christina Ross

Dr. Christina Ross has a new book that is available through Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, or Xlibris.com. Please click the link for more information.



APTA member Dr. Leslie Korn has also written a new book that is available to APTA members at a discount.  Click here for more information.






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What others are saying


"I have studied and experienced a wide variety of somatic therapies and believe everyone can benefit from Polarity Therapy."

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association President, Holos University Graduate Seminary www.normshealy.net


"I have studied, practiced and received Polarity for over 15 years. Polarity  Therapy is a central healing resource in my life. It allows a person the opportunity to realign with the true self and to restore health and balance. It allows the person the space to love himself or herself. The Polarity Therapy community itself is unique. I am constantly amazed by the curiosity, intelligence, integrity and non-judgmentalness within the community. Polarity Therapists and those attracted to Polarity are uniquely maverick individuals. We are truth-seekers."


Anita Lee Sloan, M.D., RPP University of New Mexico Fellow, Division of Endocrinology Fellow, General Clinical Research Center